Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you, Joe

We love hearing back from satisfied customers all the time, but this thank-you note that we received today has been the most entertaining one that we've seen in a while:

"When I first thought of making a thank you card for the folks at Century Cycles, I cut out 3 pictures of scantily-clad women.

The title was the same:
Excellent service
(picture of women in bikinis)
(picture of women in lingerie)
Friendly knowledgeable advice
(Maxim magazine's ten best models)
I thought it would make you guys laugh.
What do you get when you come to Century Cycles?
Excellent service, Sales, and Friendly knowledgeable advice, along with lots of half-naked women. LOL
So I started from scratch and changed from poster board to foam core. You can't hang scantily-clad women on the wall of the mechanic shop; strictly a PG-rated bike shop.
So I came up with something you can hang.
Thanks for always being so nice, and helpful, with good reasonable prices, too.

For the record, PG-rated shop or not, we would have welcomed pictures of scantily-clad women!

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