Monday, May 12, 2008

Press Event in the Cuyahoga Valley Today

This heads-up comes to us thanks to Don May of the Akron Bicycle Club. It's another chance for local cyclists to show a few local local officials and elected representatives that there is a need and support for bicycling facilitites:

"I am doing a press event this Monday [May 12] at 2:00 PM at the covered bridge on Everett to announce the Everett Road project (asphalt berms like Truxell Road). It is also an announcement of the availability of the updated Summit Trail & Greenway Plan. We will have Congresswoman Betty Sutton, County Executive Russ Pry, John Debo of the National Park, Keith Shy of Metro Parks, and others there to announce the project. If you or anyone else from the club could come down to be in the “audience”, that would be great. I know it is a tough time for most people to come to an event, but thought that I would mention it in case anyone could make it."

-Greg Bachman, Summit County Engineer

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