Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Bike Month!

How many of you knew that May was National Bike Month? Raise your hands...let's see (counting hands) thats one, two, three...okay, ten.

Well don't look now but our designated month is upon us, and there's lots of bike activity happing this month. As mentioned earlier on this blog there is the Bay High School Bike to School Month and Bike to Work Week.

We've also posted info on Cleveland Bike Week on our website including more local National Bike Month Events. Don't forget the Saturday May 17th Night Ride! I know I will be there!

It's all about the bike this month (sorry Lance), so get out and ride, decorate your bike, inspire others to ride or bring cookies to your favorite bike mechanic.

1 comment:

  1. Hey little brother!. I will be doing a partial commute to downtown Cleveland next week. I hope to make that a couple of times per week habit:)