Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Velocity Velocage - Get 'em while you can

You know, it may seem ridiculous to get excited about a product as simple as a water bottle cage, but the Velocity Velocage is a perfect example of a basic item designed and executed well. They've been our favorite cages for years, and our go-to recommendation for anybody looking for something with a little more bling than the standard generic bottle holders, but not needing to go as high-zoot as carbon fiber cages. I use them on almost all of my bikes, both road and mountain. They hold your bottles tightly enough to avoid premature ejections, but not so tight that you have to wrestle the bottle in and out when you need a drink. Their light touch doesn't mark your bottles up with dirt as much as generic cages. Only 53 grams each, and they come in a range of colors to match any bike.

As it turns out, we were talking to Velocity last week while ordering some wheels, and they mentioned that they are discontinuing the VeloCage! So, we stocked up with a huge batch of their remaining stock. So get 'em while you still can; we've got them in all three of our stores, or you can order online.

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