Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hot new Super-Cyclocomputer!

Garmin has further solidified their position as the leader in bike navigation equipment.

The new Garmin Super-Edge 5000edcs will satisfy even the most data-hungry bicycle statistician with it's rich set of information gathering features. Aside from the usual capability to record ground speed and distance traveled and all the other navigational tools you'd expect from a Garmin device this baby is equipped with the new "edcs" (Environmental Data Collection Sensor).

The Amazing edcs!

This little powerhouse can record temperature, light, UV and moisture/humidity levels as well as barometric pressure. Oh and lest we forget...it also tracks the AQI (Air Quality Index)!

Thought to only be targeted to the Aerospace and Meteorological industries, the engineers at Garmin believe they have found a niche in cycling for the use of the edcs. As we all know, us avid cyclists are information junkies; imagine being able to extrapolate information about how your performance is affected by the sun's UV levels, or finding out how much faster you can really ride when barometric pressures are below normal. The 5000edcs is, of course, bundled with a software package that releases the full potential of the edcs.
There are so many ways you can analyze data with this baby, you may never have time to ride your bike!

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