Friday, February 22, 2008

Videos from Raleigh and Giant

This video gives an inside look at the production process for Raleigh's A.C.E. carbon-fiber frame technology. You'll have to forgive their spelling in a few cases...

This is the Team frame used in all of their carbon road bikes, such as the '07 Supercourse and the '08 Prestige, both of which we have in stock!

This next video is an abbreviated version of the one we saw during our Staff Retreat the other day, about Giant's Maestro full-suspension technology, and why it's superior to other full-suspension designs. You'll have to use this link to see it; they turned off the ability to embed it directly into blogs.

On a totally unrelated note, today happens to be National Margarita Day. So, see the two links below for more information, and celebrate!

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