Saturday, December 22, 2007

A shelf of bike-love at Room Service

If you're near W. 65 and Detroit Avenue in Cleveland's Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood, check out Room Service, a wonderfully eclectic home furnishings store recently opened by owner Danielle DeBoe. Like us, Danielle loves to ride her bike and she has devoted a shelf in her store to postcards, note cards, a coloring book, and t-shirts from artist Taliah Lempert, who creates bicycle paintings. Danielle said she always plans to have a few bicycling-related gifts in the store (and also something cuckoo-clock related, but that's a whole 'nother story).

Have you found any nifty bike-related gifts during your holiday shopping rounds? If so, spill the beans and let the rest of us know about them, so we can continue to feed our bicycle passion and support cool local retailers.

P.S. Speaking of "beans," here's a little known fact: Many a Century Cycles advertisement has been brainstormed into being at Gypsy Beans Cafe on the corner of W. 65 and Detroit. Key brainstorming ingredients supplied: Excellent coffee, yummy food, and free Wi-Fi.

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