Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Giant Demo Day at Rays MTB Park

A few of us from the stores got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new Maestro suspension bikes from Giant. Tom, Keith, Ryan, Scott and myself where allowed into Rays for a sneak peak of the new stuff he has added, and clinic/ride on Giants Maestro suspension system. The day consisted of a small suspension clinic going over the different types of designs used today and in the past. They gave explanations of how they work and don't work and some of the band aids designed to correct for the short comings in the designs. After a short break to talk one-on-one with some of Giants inside people, and couple of their pros, a small lunch was available, then they turned us loose.

This was the line up of bikes we came into Rays looking at and ended up getting to ride. They had all models present. The xc race Anthem, the all mtn. Trance, the freeride Reigns, and the downhill Glorys.

Kelli Emmett was also on hand to answer questions, then stuck around to experience Rays for the first time. She must have had a good time because she only stopped riding to watch the foam pit jumpers.

Here is Tom in action on a Reign and what could be is next new bike, the all powerful Anthem. Direct quote " whoohhhh this thing is fast"

So in closing fun was had by all, stop by and see the Anthems at our Medina and Peninsula stores, we even have one that YOU can take out and ride for a day. So in closing I'll leave you with a preview of the new beginner section at Rays soon to open for the winter.

Thanks to the sponsors,

Giant and Rays

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