Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fun Bike Factoid from Tracey

File under: Useless Bike Trivia

This trivia question was on my son’s tube of Yoplait Go-GURT this morning: What is the fastest speed ever reached going down a snowy hill on a bike? Possible answers were 215 mph, 80 mph, 185 mph, and 132 mph.

Once you ate all the “Rad Raspberry”-flavored yogurt, the tube revealed the answer to be a whopping 132 mph. Unfortunately, neither the Go-GURT website nor Google revealed any more details about bike records set on snowy hills.



If I'm not mistaken, this was shown on some show like "Sport Disasters." The guy had a little problem with his front wheel when he hit that speed. And if you multiply a small problem times 132... well, I'm sure you can Youtube it. The guy is okay, but he proved why you should ALWAYS wear a helmet. Believe me!

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  1. I dig that you can now buy yogurt in a tube!

    I have seen that video, it is pretty amazing.