Thursday, July 12, 2007

Paul Sherwen's Other Job

Watching the Tour coverage on Versus means a month of hanging out each evening with Bob Roll, Paul Sherwen, Phil Liggett, and Al Trautwig. If you go to Versus’ website ( you can read their individual daily posts on each stage. Of course, Bob’s are fun to read because they are written in full Bobke style. (Bummer, though, that Bob Roll’s personal website,, is not up and running yet.) The Versus website also has their bios, where we came across this fascinating nugget: When Paul Sherwen is not covering cycling races as a commentator and expert, he lives in Uganda with his family where he runs (anyone, anyone?)...a GOLD MINE.

Note to self: The next time Bob Roll visits Century Cycles, ask him if he’s ever been to Paul’s GOLD MINE (and then ask him to do his Phil Liggett imitation again).

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