Monday, February 5, 2007

Medina News

The staff at Club Med took a big blow last week with the (temporary) departure of Keith Heffernan, our top MTB tech and all around great guy. Keith also was the go-to guy for BMX and skateboard ordering and has passed that torch to our own Chris Walters. Chris may be young but his passion for BMX and cycling in general is astounding! (that's right...I said "astounding!"). Good luck in Utah, Keith, keep in touch.

To also help fill the gap Petch has hired Scott Jessup to step in and help. New to the area, Scott brings with him a solid background in the bike biz and seems to fit right in with our team here.

I want to extend my thanks to Doug for coming from our Peninsula store to help round out the staff here in Medina. It must be a bite-in-the-ass to drive 25 minutes to Club Med when you are so close to The Pen. You are to be commended Sir.

Who's this guy talking about?

Medina Staff

Peninsula Staff

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  1. That Doug, what a sucker. It's OK, there are plenty of other ugly faces in Peninsula. ;)