Monday, January 22, 2007


Hi, and thanks for checking out Century Cycles' blog. This is kind of an experiment for us, so we'll be learning as we go here, and hopefully, you'll learn something along with us.

In this blog, we're hoping to give our customers and anybody else who is interested an inside look at what goes on in a typical bicycle shop, and perhaps in the bike industry in general. We'll have different members of our staff contributing from time to time on various topics.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Keep in mind that this is a moderated blog, so your comments will be screened before they appear on the blog. We're not trying to filter out any criticism; we just want to keep it productive and clean. Besides, if you have an issue with a specific product or experience from one of our stores, then we encourage you to contact us at the store directly; you will get a much quicker response.



  1. I think you folks having a blog is a good thing - a good way to keep people up-to-date about whats going on and letting them interact. Great job.